Cosmetic art and science for technicians and enthusiasts

We’re focused on bringing together technical skill and creativity in colour, design and service; it’s easier said than done.

The core of our education process is concentrating the student’s effort in making obtained information useful, mastering basic techniques and in exposing oneself to the world of cosmetic arts and sciences.

Our foundation level courses offer students with little or no experience the initial knowledge, training and practice required to function as a hair, skin or nail technician trainee in a beauty establishment. Topics include anatomy, health, simple beauty equipment and the fundamentals of technique in their chosen specialisation. These courses, coupled with the initial professional experience gained as a trainee, prepare them for the intermediate level courses and certification that qualifies them to work as an entry level technician. Students who have completed the intermediate level courses, and who have worked as a beauty technician, often take up advanced and subsequently, diploma level courses around the world, as the next step becoming masters of their fields.

The business of beauty

As a business owner, manager, decision maker, or professional freelancer, basic business management courses, tailored to your roles in our industry, can go a long way in helping you focus on what’s most important for the success of your business: your clients. Learn to make routine business operations efficient and effective so you can look ahead for the future of your business.

Let’s learn together

Our educators, alumni community, and expert panel are constantly working together to identify the latest trends and technology in the market to keep our courses current and relevant. We also invite talented students from foundation, intermediate and business courses to contribute to our knowledge base. Our goal is to provide an education that will make our students effective contributors to our industry and community and embracing of the notion that their learning will never end. We’re still learning too.