About Glosel

Glosel was established in 1999, with headquarters in Singapore. Glosel’s operations began with the distribution of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and rapidly extended its global market.

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About Glosel

Glosel was started in 1999, with headquarters in Singapore. Operations began with the distribution of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. This business has since developed and we are now capable of engaging in wide-scoped supply-chain partnerships for various classes of pharmaceutical, medical supply, and other related products. 

We actively engage in supporting supplies in global health emergencies such as the SARS outbreak in 2002 and now the COVID19 crisis.


In 2002, we started our cosmetics division – entering the consumer space – in Singapore and then in India, which continues to run strong today with the supply of some of the best technical and general use cosmetics to the Indian beauty industry and general populace.

Our commodities division is the youngest of the lot,  starting in 2018, with vegetable oil for consumption and industrial purposes.

Over the years, our technical expertise in systems engineering, software and data science has allowed us to offer the same as services as well,

Only the Best


Eco Friendly & Global Standards

Formulation to make a product eco-friendly, all our products develop and maintains global standards for business communication.


The New Technology Diversified Products

Supplies a wide range of products in a variety of everyday innovations, and their technologies help to enrich a broad range of products as well as consumer lifestyles.


High Quality Product Distribution

Eternally committed to serving society with superior quality.

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“This virus [COVID19] will test our resilience, but we will not let it break our spirit. Our customers need us to perform and we will.” 

– Radha Sanjeev, COO, to the COVID19 Response Team

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